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Do you play golf with proper etiquette?

Did you know that etiquette is covered in the rules of golf? Not only is it there, it is covered as Section 1 and starting on page 1 it covers 4 pages with 8 sub-sections.

The introduction lays out the basics, “This section provides guidelines on the manner in which the game of golf should be played. If they are followed, all players will gain maximum enjoyment from the game. The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.”

Each of us can likely think of instances of poor etiquette on the course and in the cases I can recall it took away much of my enjoyment of the day.

One of my pet peeves is how people rake bunkers. Try to create a level area where you rake. I see players bring the rake down hard making a depression then pull the rake. Bunker care is covered in the rule book.

Putting greens are another area where things happen. We are all on the green together so it can be crowded. Be wary of your shadow, where you are standing and show courtesy to the line of the other players. Avoid standing in the aiming line of the other players.

Pace of play seems to be another on-going issue that is covered under the rules of golf. “It is a group’s responsibility to stay up with the group in front, if it loses a clear hole and causing a delay to the group behind, invite the group to play through.”

My feeling on speed of play should have the better golfer in the group take charge and be aware of their position.

These items in addition to the other basic rules of golf remind me why every player should read the rules, know them and have a respect for them.

In competition, there can be penalties or disqualification from events for rule violations, even in the etiquette section. The rules are now on-line at www.usga.org, so take a look it can help your game to know the rules.

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