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Let Dr. Rotella assist with your golf game.

An important goal for me is to help you improve your golf game and my game as well. With my position in the media, I get a lot of books in the mail, some are very good in regard to improving our game and I’ve got a couple you may want to consider.

Dr. Bob Rotella has written several books about the mental side of golf and I feel strongly that his books should be in your book case. Most of his books focus on short game and putting because that is where most players can make the greatest impact.

The newest Rotella book is “Your 15th club”, The Inner Secret to Great Golf. The book has stories and anecdotes about top players he has worked with and easy to understand ideas that you can apply to your own game. Much of the focus on the books is about confidence and trust. It also talks about keeping a focus on what you can control and not what has happened or what others are doing.

A great story on that relates to Trevor Immelman, the 2008 Masters Champion. He was so focused on his own game that he did not look at a leader board nor want to know his position until the 72nd green, and to his delight he had a 3-shot lead.

The other Rotella books I have enjoyed most are “Golf is not a game of perfect,” and “Putting out of your mind.” In the perfect book, you are taught to accept what happens, and go to the next shot, one step at a time, stay patient and in the moment.

The book, “Putting out of your mind” has a key idea: to think about the conditions of your putt, but not to spend much time focusing on your stroke. Look at the process of Davis Love III, he prepares, looks at the situation, then one last practice stroke then he executes the putt. This does not leave much time for negative self talk or doubt.

In the latest book, “Your 15th club”, there is a chapter called "affirmations" that offers short ideas about being positive. These are ideas you can think of often and convince yourself that you can be a greater player.

Short game and putting need a lot of work, both on your fundamentals and the mental approach, and I’m convinced that Dr. Rotella and his books can help you. The books are structured with short chapters where you can read in short spurts and pick the parts you need help on.

The top pros and some wealthy amateurs pay Dr. Rotella a lot of money for his advice, but by reading these books and working on the ideas you will get very affordable instruction that will help your game. Let me know if you improve from these ideas or the books.

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