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Golf can be fickle and fragile for all of us.

The game of golf can be fickle to play and when you consider the golf swing itself to be fragile we all face a challenge. Let me point out a few examples of what can happen.

We’ve read about the ups and downs of David Duval the former British Open Champion and former number one in the world who fell out of the top 500 players. Duval seems to be on the upswing now highlighted by a runner-up finish in the U.S. Open. Duval’s issues seemed mental but he did have a battle with vertigo that affected his balance.

San Francisco native Dorothy Delasin is in her late 20’s and is 0-11 on making cuts this year on the LPGA-Tour. Delasin won the U.S. Women’s Amateur, The Sam Sung World Championship at Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo in 2003 along with 3 other wins but she has not cashed a check this year.

Trevor Immelman just returned to the tour after wrist surgery. The wrists and hands are key spots on the body for all golfers and the recovery can be tough. Take the case of Aaron Oberholser. Aaron had wrist surgery and had to go back a few months later to correct issues from the first surgery.

It was reported recently that Jesper Parnevik will undergo hip surgery soon and will miss the balance of the 2009 season. After the great performance of Tom Watson who had hip replacement surgery in October of 2008, you may see a run on hip surgeries. The left hip can really take a beating with an aggressive golf swing with the twisting that goes on.

How about the king of fragile golf swings, Charles Barkley? Many of you likely watched the Golf Channel special, “The Haney Project” where Hank Haney tried to fix Barkley’s swing. Barkley apparently has moments of brilliance but also has periods where he falls back to the habit of his big backswing hitch.

In my opinion Barkley needs more couch time and not so much time on the driving range, but to have a Dr. Phil type intervention would not have been as entertaining as Haney and Barkley hitting balls.

So keep your swing and putting stroke both physically in shape and mentally where it should be. Know your personal faults so you can address them if you fall into a slump. Much like life we need to look at our selves from time-to-time just like we do with our golf swings.

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