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Three things you can learn from the prosÖItís as easy as A-B-C

Watching professional golf can be entertaining but is can also be very educational if you focus on three key areas, Attitude, Balance and Concentration.

1. Letís start with attitude and you guessed it, I mean a positive attitude. It is important to be realistic about your expectations but in all cases I would lean toward positive.

A couple of key examples of positive but steady attitudes are seen in Davis Love III, Fred Couples and Ernie Els. Each of these players keeps a level attitude when they have a bad golf hold and donít get too excited when something goes well.

If a player has big swings from high to low it can distract you from the decision making process that is so key to playing a good game of golf. This may be one of the largest differences between levels of golfers.

2. Balance. Of the important parts of the golf swing balance may be part of the glue that holds the swing together. You can ruin a good swing with bad balance, but you can improve a bad swing with good balance.

As a starting point good rhythm and tempo can help good balance and if you swing too hard itís hard to keep good balance and I would take good balance and give up some potential power.

Are you a good dancer? If you are a good dancer and have good footwork, I think you can have good balance. It is important to have proper golf shoes to help your balance. Think of the practice swing of Davis Love. When he makes that swing, he is making an actual swing, compared to an abbreviated swing that I see some people make. If you practice a short swing and recoil the club back for the real swing, it can have you perfect a bad swing.

When you hit the shot, stand and pose till the ball hits the ground. I feel this will force you into good balance, where an abrupt follow through like Arnold Palmer can possibly have you in a poor balance position. We are fortunate in golf that you can make a practice swing and from that you can learn a lot, like how you will handle the slope you are on, or if you are on hard or soft ground.

3. Concentration: Professional golfers and their mental gurus talk about staying in the present. What this means to me is that you zero-in your focus to what you are doing right now. Donít get distracted by noise in the area donít think about the bad bounce or the lip-out putt from 3-holes ago, but focus on the shot at hand.

I once wrote an article where I said that golf shots are like snow flakes where each one is different. This idea can help with your concentration because you need to change your shot choice every single time and that will keep it clear for you. Imagine in your life or your work place where each time the phone rings you need to respond to a different situation.

So there you have itÖas easy as A-B-C, †you can improve your golf game.

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