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Are you in your prime for golf?

Does age have a bearing on the quality of the golf you play? Let me start this discussion with the premise that the golf ball or the hole does not know your age.

Sure, age likely has some bearing but you have a certain level of control over that and Iíll site a few examples to serve as positive role models for you. Vijay Singh, tom Watson, Greg Norman and Fred Funk come to mind as players whose games have held up very well compared to how they played 10-years ago.

As I thought about this concept, I found it funny that the Senior Tour changed their name to the The Champions Tour. Were the guys feeling old? Was the image wrong to entice fans? I suspect it was a little bit of both of those things as age could be more of a mental hindrance than many would admit.

The big key for the players mentioned above is they have kept nimble and strong. Vijay did just have knee surgery and Watson had a hip replacement last October, and maybe that verifies that they are older. Some basic stretching and light weight lifting even with 5 or 10-pound free weights at home can make a big difference. Take a walk to keep your legs strong because when you swing the golf club, the legs are very important to creating power. The legs are also critical if you have a shot on a hilly golf hole so there are several reasons to keep the legs strong.

Break-up the course into small segments like 3-holes at a time, rather than try to concentrate for 5-hours which is tough, try to focus for an hour and you may do better.

When you play, think about keeping water and a snack with you as it may help keep you thinking well if you get tired. Go to the rest room on the course to wash your hands and possibly keep a damp towel with you to keep you feeling fresh.

Golf is a great activity for any age, but the beauty of the game lets you have fun no matter what level you achieve. Have a good understanding of your expectations as if you expect too much, it can give you frustration and possibly a bad temper, so keep your expectations in check and hopefully exceed them and you will be happy.

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