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Are you ready to spring into the golf season?

Springs is not far off and with spring comes a new golf season so to get you ready let me offer a few ideas.

Let’s start with two items that are very important but often over looked in my opinion. To use the old cliché, “where the rubber meets the road,” condition of your grips and shoes need to be considered.

The new plastic spikes will wear down and can be replaced but be sure you get the correct replacement spikes as they are not all the same. This will help with stability of your swing and worn spikes can be dangerous as you can slip on wet surfaces. There are even attachments for a power drill that can help the process.

The condition of your golf grips is key as when they are worn or dirty you will likely grip too tight and create some swing issues. You are encouraged to confirm you have the proper size for your grips as this can affect the weight of the club and effect the wrist action while making your swing.

If you are thinking about any new clubs, spring is the ideal time as the new models come out in about March and there are great deals on previous year’s models. For the average player, the previous model will work great for you and the value should be spectacular.

One last idea for clubs is to give them a good cleaning, by soaking the heads in warm water and clean the groves. This can be done with a stiff brush and you may want to use a sharp nail to help with the groves.

Now let’s talk about the engine that makes your swing work; your body. Keeping strong but limber are very important for your swing. I have been using a 6-pound medicine ball this winter to emulate a slow golf swing motion. I feel it is making my back strong and extending my swing.

I learned about this technique through the Titleist Fitness Institute that is seen on The Golf Channel. You can visit their web-site at www.Mytpi.com There are several videos on the site you can watch to get some exercise ideas that can be done at home. The pros do this stuff everyday, so if you want to play better, step up to the plate and try some of the ideas.

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