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Time management for your golf game

Golf is an activity with many moving parts with emotions involved, nature involved, where a round of golf may take more than 5-hours, but I have a couple of ideas to help you stay focused.

Iíve read studies of the accumulated time you actually are making a golf swing during a round is something like 3-minutes but is spread over 5-hours. The key here is how you deal with the rest of the time.

The challenge is to have a virtual on-off switch in your mind where you can be ready to hit your shot when needed, but the 5-minutes in between shots will allow you to relax and get rid of possible tension.

I had a great opportunity to play golf with Lee Trevino at the New Orleans Open. What struck me was the obvious showman he was on the course but when it was time to hit a golf shot, Trevino flipped the switch and turned into a golf monster. We think of him as Mr. Happy Go Lucky, but not when it is time to hit a shot.

Once you get to your shot, decide on the club you need and the shot you need to hit, then you have the opportunity in golf to take a couple of rehearsal swings. The beauty of the on-off switch will allow you to get over a bad shot as you get ready for the next one. You do not want to allow a bad shot to cause another bad one.

Here are a couple of practice ideas. If you took 2-putts on every hole and did the typical 14 driver tee shots per round, that totals 50 shots based on par of 72. That totals 70% if I have done my math correctly. The point here is that putting and tee shots are very important to a good round of golf because you are doing them very often. The more consistent you can be in those areas you will improve your game.

The regular golf tours come to an end this time of year with the qualifying events for the 2009 season in full swing, and you can follow your favorite rookie there via pgatour.com and I will try to bring you a couple of compelling stories. Watch for Eric Compton. He had a second heart transplant this year and is competing on the PGA tour currently, and it will be intriguing to see if he can continue his career.

In 2009 the Champions Tour will see two great players join their ranks as Fred Couples and Tom Lehman both turn 50. Like Fred Funk, I can see these players still spending some time on the regular tour as well.

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