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Zoom in your focus for better golf

Game Of Little Focus is an appropriate use of the four letters in the word golf, as it relates to many golfers. To play better golf, learn to zoom in your focus.

Proper concentration and focus can likely be identified as a quality in good players and one that is lacking for many average to higher handicap players.

We hear good players and professionals talk about “being in the moment.” The easiest way to think about this is to realize each golf-shot situation is different, so you are forced to look at the unique nature of each shot. Uphill, downhill, windy, water short, water long, soft green, hard green…you get the picture.

Now you plug all of the adjustments into your brain, pick the club and decide on the shot you want to make. An important part of this equation is the ability, consistency, and mechanics for you to make the golf swing you need for the shot you need to make.

There are a few techniques you can use to be in the present.


Try to pretend in your mind the shot you want to make then make a practice swing with that in mind. This can work very well on putts to get a feel of the distance and large slopes.


If you have a unique shot like hooking around a tree or a chip-and-run with a lot of break, you will do well to visualize the shape of the shot, or the break of the green. I see players who stand over the ball and look at their hands or the ball for way too long. Take a couple of looks at your target, one last look at the ball, and you’re ready to go. “Swing, don’t think.”

Test the turf:

Another version of a rehearsal can be the case where you have an odd lie or you are in long grass. Move a few feet away and make practice swing in a similar situation. This can help you feel more ready.

As an umbrella idea for all of these techniques is to practice patience. This is most important. If you are tense and nervous about your situation, you will likely think about all of the bad things that could possibly happen, and not make your best swing. Think positive, think fairway, and about where a good shot will go. If you think pond, out of bounds, or bunker, that may well be what you “achieve.” .

So, take it one shot at a time, as every golf shot is different and that in itself will give you the reason to be in the present for the next golf shot you hit. You can not plan too far ahead because you don’t know where each shot is going to end-up.

Good luck, play better…I know you can do it.

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