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Be happy, play better golf

Within the world of your own golf game you likely have ups and downs, and good days and bad days. I feel you have some control over these swings, and it is just this easy, be happy, play better!

Attitude is key in everything we do in our lives, as it affects our relationships with family, our job, and even our golf game.
American Heritage Dictionary: Attitude: 1. a position of the body or manner of carrying ones self. 2. a. A state of mind or feeling; disposition b. An arrogant or hostile state of mind or disposition.

Let me site a couple of examples. David Duval looks very unhappy on the golf course these days, and his results are below his abilities. If he could put a smile on his face I feel he would play better.

In the Masters last week, Tiger Woods looked cranky all week; and yes he finished 2nd, but he was expected to win.

What I feel happens is, people get stressed and tight when they are unhappy, and that results in tight muscles, and poor performance is the outcome.

In my personal competitive golf experiences, I have gone through modes where my expectations were so high that missing a shot or putt would upset me. Keeping my expectations a bit lower has me feeling quite good if I hit a good shot or even one that is only above average. With this approach, I’m not as likely to get upset and ruin the next shot.

You could title this, “The power of Positive Thinking,” and you would be correct. It definitely applies to golf. The golf swing is fragile, and you couple that with golf being a very mental endeavor, then you had better be happy if you want to play well.

Great wins recently for Trevor Immelman at the Masters, and for Lorena Ochoa at the Corona Classic near her home in Mexico. Ochoa’s win qualifies her for the LPGA Hall of Fame. Pretty funny top-10 list on David Letterman about Trevor Immelman, you can read that at cbs.com.

Surprise news from the Tiger camp; surgery on his left knee, for which he will be out about 4-weeks. The hype died quickly for the likely grand slam by Tiger Woods for 2008.

I wonder if the PGA-Tour will replay the spots about the FedEx Cup…recall that one with him in the bathroom talking into the hair brush, dreaming about winning the cup…very funny.

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