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Winter Warm Up...Golf Style!

It’s that time again. Rain, now, new golf events on television, but we just can’t get out and play as often. So... here I come to the rescue. A few ideas to keep your swing in shape so you can swing into spring at full speed.

As in the past I think a heavy club is great for a variety of reasons. Gene Sarazen used one before the pros like him in the North, would head to the South in the winter. I have a new version I’m using that is great, called "J-Power". It’s a metal rod, with a grip and the end looking something like a midget hockey stick. The bend encourages the arms to roll and release the club.

A heavy club does a number of good things for your swing; it builds your golf muscles encourages better extension to the target, better rhythm, and allows the club to drop from the top as most good players do.

If you’re not able to play as much golf this time of year, swing a club like this and you’ll keep your swing in tune. Another version of a heavy club can be the plastic coated donut you slide down the shaft; handy, inexpensive but effective.

Exercise and stretching are also very important especially after those great parties and "food-a-thons" you attended during the holiday period. For my self, I’ve worked with light weights, leg and hip stretches, and one for the hamstring. Get 2 chairs, sit in one and straighten one leg on the other chair, and stretch both arms out straight. Hold this for 30 Seconds to one minute. Then do the other leg. Also doing some light squatting is important to keep the legs and hips loose.

I’ve talked about how important the legs are in the golf swing and as we get ready for the spring, it’s very key.

Good luck in your tune-up and hope you get in some rounds this winter or sneak in a sunny-golfing vacation.

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