Hooked on Golf
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Why We Play Golf

Golf is a great game, and we each play it for special reasons. What’s your motivation? Social, work, exercise, competition, scenery or the personal challenge -- they are all great reasons.

As we all get hooked into playing golf, it is intriguing to know what makes each golfer tick and keep them motivated. This is especially so when we watch the pros excel, then deal with the frustration of our own game.

Many new golfers I see start playing with a vague sense of the game and it is my hope that a friend, the media, or a golf professional will instill in them a love for golf and an idea that gives them a reason to focus and love the game in their own way.

A great underpinning of golf is that it has a great solitude. To succeed at golf in our own realm and the fairways we each travel is the beauty of the game.

So within this dose of wisdom let’s help your game. Tension, doubt and frustration are ingredients for failure.

Gary Player once said, “you must have courage...” if you are confident, trust your ability and can relax, you’ll play better.

When you practice your game, practice at being relaxed. This will lead to a light grip, a smooth swing and a fluid, syrupy follow through. Golf is a game that should be fun and if you relax, play with confidence and have courage you will succeed.

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