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Golf is a simple game...made too difficult... by too many people, and I feel I have developed some ideas and ways to approach golf and learning to play the game better that will work for you.

The instruction ideas I plan to write here will be fundamentals, shot ideas, mental approach, simple fundamentals and keys that are often overlooked. With the current weather, it is a great time to work on your game, and be ready for the spring. It will stop raining...you know!!!

Let me touch right now, on a basic-big picture theory I like to have you understand, and I will refer to it often. This the concept of swinging the club. Many would say, “ well that’s what I do!” In having taught many people with this theory, and used this my self I can tell you that it is very easy to maintain, and the only draw-back, is it is so easy, you may not believe it.

I feel a lot of you hit at the ball, or try to make the club swing too fast causing problems. There is a deep rooted desire to hit the ball too hard. I’ve hit it long, and I’ve hit it straight; Trust me, straight is better.

Start with a light grip pressure, try to feel the club more in the finger tips, not in the palm. This will allow a better sensitivity of the club. Because the club is what hits the ball, I feel that feeling the club and having a sense of what it is doing will allow you control the club for both consistency and power control.

If this idea is foreign, start with a drill holding the club up in the air, then drop it 45 degrees, then straight in front of you. With a light grip the club will feel heavy. Now, waggle the club and see if you feel the club head.

You can also learn this with short shots. You’ll improve your short shots with this theory and it will help you learn it for the long shots. One last point, is that this theory is very low maintenance and will help your game tremendously.

Try it... learn it...
you’ll improve your game!!!

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