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Understand your Golf Swing

No one has ever solved the golf swing... Oh...read on...I’m not a kook or a nut. I think I’m correct in that statement. But I do feel I have a good understanding of the swing.

Because of the nature of the golf swing, I feel there are many misconceptions that occur. Let me discuss a couple of the common ones and with a better understanding you should improve your golf game.

Keep your head down: I feel this is a number one issue, and this leads to tightness, lesser ability to follow through and not allowing the swinging motion of the club to occur. I like the idea of watching the ball, because as the ball flies and you pick up the ball 30-40 yds in flight, your body is following the club, and will allow for better momentum. Your body needs to move with the club, don’t be too tight by trying to keep the head so still and ridged.

Make a big shoulder turn: Here is another area that I feel gets people into trouble. I like to key on the club, allowing it to get into a proper position. (Straight back and above my neck in the back swing-not behind my shoulders.) Many golfers will make a very round back swing, where my feeling of the proper position is somewhat upright but does include shoulder turn. In this case, the turn is at an angel not totally upright or flat. I feel with the club more “in-front of my body” will allow you to get back to the ball better and more efficiently, and with less moving parts.

Like other instances, I feel the way for you to practice this is to begin with short shots and with easy swings. This will allow you to think your way through the swing better and feel the changes take effect better. As you work on it build up to the longer clubs and longer swings and if you have a problem, then drop back and start at the bottom again.

So, try to keep it simple and you will play better golf, I have always felt that golf is less complicated than many people make it, and if you understand your swing, and what you need to do, it will work better for you.

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