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A help regimen for the for the “Type-A” golfer

“Type-A” tendencies and golf are not a good mix, but we can fix that.

Let’s start with the premise that golf is a fairly slow paced game that takes in the range of 4-5 hours to complete a round. In a typical 5-hour session, a “Type-A” may try to accomplish 400 things, not just 80 swings of the club. Patience is the virtue…

To take this from the golf swing perspective, a patient swing is a better swing, and that is generally a tough task for the “Type-A” personality. As you set-up and plan for each golf shot, you need to reflect on a number of factors. Distance, elevation, hazards, wind, temperature, your abilities and every one your quirks and tendencies. Have you seen the TV ad where Tiger Woods nearly holes an iron shot then says…”I forgot the rotation of the earth.”

To fix some of these issues for those of you that are “Type-A”, you need to first admit it. Let’s even start at the beginning of your golf day. Be sure to arrive early and not be rushed. Try to plan time to hit range balls and putt for about 45 minutes before you are set to tee-off. There have even been studies that a lower heart rate equals better golf.

Make sure your expectations are not too high. Aim at the middle of the green, hit enough club so you don’t swing too hard, and don’t try to drive the green on every hole. Smooth and easy in the middle, would be great every time. Good players and the mental coaches talk about being in the moment, or in the present. This basically means work on this shot…don’t stress on the bad shot that got you here, or the double bogey on the last hole, and don’t be thinking about the easy next hole. If you are a 12-handicap, being 3-over par after 6-holes is not a disaster, and actually you’re likely doing OK……for you.

Lastly, let’s talk about practice and improving. Through lessons, and knowing your mental and physical challenges, you need to practice and use drills to change and improve. Be in the present when you practice…leave the cell phone in the car, and get to the range with enough time to work and reflect on what you are trying to accomplish. Between shots, think about what happened, don’t just rake in the next ball and blast it down the range.

Good luck, but I suspect if you are really a “Type-A” you did not get through this entire article, and you are on to something else… I really do hope you stuck around this time though………….

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