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Tiger Woods can teach us a thing or two

Tiger Woods had a great end to his season on the PGA-Tour recently. He was hitting the ball super, but I was reminded of something that can help you, from an observation by Johnny Miller about Tiger.

As a side note, Tiger is apparently without a swing coach currently. He has split with Hank Haney. This might be not be a big deal as I think Tiger’s swing is quite sound, and with these high profile instructors I feel he tinkers too much with his swing anyway.

Miller observed that Tiger’s follow-through shape would indicate if the ball was going to fade, or draw. If you can picture a low rounded follow-through as one that would indicate a hook or draw, that is the idea. For a more straight shot, the follow-through is more at the target, and tall in the finish.

If you try this on the driving range or when you are working out new ideas on the course, try this with a practice swing first and imagine the flight of the ball guided by the follow-through. It’s appropriate for Miller to observe this as he was once asked how he hit a fade or draw. His answer…… “I think fade or think draw…”

I’ve written here before about how the momentum of the club is so important, and the observation by Miller is one more verification of this. It is an important fact that for any shot, right down to the 3-foot putt. It’s even more important there because if you are 1-degree off on a 3-footer it may miss, whereas 1-degree off on a tee shot may still place it in the fairway.

As the golf season starts to wind down, think about ways to keep your game and swing in tune. A trip to Hawaii may be the ticket, but I’ve been using a medicine ball to do some stretching and work to strengthen the hand muscles, which is also a good idea. You can also check out the Golf Channel for some ideas, and they have exercise shows that focus on golf specific workouts.

There was a very clever cartoon in the San Mateo Times recently noting the passing of the famous mime, Marcel Marceau. It showed a hand seeming to tee up a ball on a golf tee…the hand was empty. Very clever.

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