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Tiger Changes His Stripes

Tiger Woods went to the practice range to change his swing, and it worked. Did he need this amount of change? Can you even notice the difference? There was even a recent article and cover story in Time Magazine. What can you learn from this?

Making changes in the golf swing can be tough, because instinct can be very strong and even Tiger, with the dynamic devotion and time to put into this, made it a long transition. Many average golfers try even more of a change than Tiger took on, and put in much less time. So, let’s talk about how you can learn from this.

The old cliché, “change is tough” must be addressed. First you need to identify the issue that you want to change, understand it, and know where you need to go with the change. Unless you really understand your swing, this is best done with video and the help of a golf professional.

Getting to the end also requires knowing the path you need to take and what drills to use. I would also suggest that you attack a maximum of two issues at a time. Much of the change you will attack will be mechanical in terms of position of body, placement of body and direction of the club as it swings.

The other issue is timing and this can be the hard part. This will typically be things like length of swing, when do the legs kick in and when do the hands release. This can be tough, especially when the golfer tries to practice with hard swings and a longer clubs. Let me give some ideas on how to address this.

I have written before about the concept of how to practice and I’m sticking to it. Beginning without a club, “walk-through” the swing and feel the changes you are trying to change. When you have a good feel of these changes, begin with a short club, easy swings and feel the changes until you can build up to the longer clubs. Remember -- take it slowly.

As you go through these changes, look at the video of the swings from time to time so you can verify that you are getting to the point you want to. Golf can be a challenge and improving can really be a challenge. Take it slow, be smart and you will improve, have fun doing it, don’t get frustrated.

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