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Quick tips for your golf game

The golf season is upon many of us and with the Masters on tap I thought I would throw out a variety of quick tips that may help you and me with our golf games.

Pitch Shots: The forty yard shot or closer is tough for many players. There are even players that will lay-up to a distance where they will have a full shot.

Make a short enough backswing to have room for a follow through. Take rehearsal swings so you have a good feel of the power you need, and you’ll likely succeed.

Tight lie-Short Shot: For a pitch shot or short chip shot from short grass or a tight lie the shot can be a challenge even for the very best players.

Make a few practice swings and brush the ground in a way you would do it if the ball was there. Now…without a lot of thinking step up and hit the shot with the same motion you practiced.

Tee it high hit it long: do you have one of the new large headed drivers? So you can launch it nice and high, tee the ball higher and further forward in your stance. This will allow you to catch the ball on the up swing and launch the ball.

Nice follow through, nice shot: One of the big differences between the good player and the not so good player is the nice balanced follow through.

My feeling is strong on this and a proper follow through will verify that you have done a number of the right things like balance and proper rhythm.

You may tell yourself that you have a good follow through, but many players will make the nice practice swing follow through, then in their actual swing it is a very different story. Tension, too much speed, poor balance, and tight grip will lead to a poor shot.

Speed putt: To get the ball close on long putts, speed is likely more important than direction. Develop a good vision of speed control and in your practice time, work on long putts so you have the feel.

Don’t try drastic changes in your golf swing, but confirm your fundamentals, then think about these quick tips to get you back on track. Remember that your golf swing is part of your instinct and will be very tough to make major changes. Try to make your swing better. Much of what I have spoken about in the quick tips are shot ideas, and they can be used with any golf swing.

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