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Does your golf swing have good rhythm?

With all of the great wisdom you have read about the golf game that I have written, this may be the glue that will hold it together for each and every golf swing you make. Good rhythm and tempo are a must, regardless if you have a good golf swing, or a not so sound golf swing.

I think this all begins with patience and trust. If you are patient about your swing and what is about to happen with your golf shot, you will likely make a nice golf swing. If you have a swing that is awkward with poor fundamentals, it may even be more important for you.

During the golf swing, there are many micro motions that happen, and for them to all work in sync and blend together, the rhythm that you have will allow each part work correctly. There are a couple of keys that will help this, so let me touch on light grip, a good take away, and a good finish.

A light grip will help the rest of your body relax. Before the top players swing, they will often take a deep breath, let out the air, raise their shoulders up slightly, then drop them. This helps them relax before they “pull the trigger”, and will help you too. When you relax, your body and the club will move correctly together.

A good beginning to the swing in my opinion begins with a bit of a waggle. Make sure you can feel the club, and then the back swing should begin slowly. There is a teaching theory called the “bucket of water.” Think of making the back swing, but you are holding a bucket of water, instead of one of your golf clubs. If you take the club back quickly, you will splash the water, but if you take it back nice and slow, the water will not splash. Let it flow to the top of the swing, and the rest of the swing will likely be better.

Now on to the follow-through and the finish. If you finish your swing in a balanced position, and let the club swing to the finish, you have likely made a nice golf swing. If you are off balance and have the club screech to a stop like Arnold Palmer, there is likelihood that you hit a poor shot. Make a nice practice swing including a good follow-through, and that will set the tone for what you want to do in your actual swing.

I love what Davis Love III does in his practice swing with a swing that looks just like his actual swing, not an abbreviated version. This is a good way to put a vision in your mind of what you should be doing.

So remember, good rhythm and tempo are critical from the tee shot to the putting green. Practice these, and I know you will improve.

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