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Spring training for your golf game

Are you and your golf game ready to kick off the new golf season? It’s just about here you know, so let me give you a primer on a few things you’ll need to think about.

How about your tools? Do your shoes need new spikes? This is pretty cheap to do, and very important. How about some new shoes? There are some pretty cool new ones out there.

I would bet that most of you do not change your grips often enough. There are lots of new grips available that are really good. The benefit of having new grips is the fact that you can keep a proper secure hold on the club, without having to grip it too tight. When you are changing your grips, have a professional verify that they are the correct size for your hands. That can make a big difference.

The golf bag is next. Do you have lots of extra junk in your bag that you really don’t need, along with some items you really do need? Items that I always keep in my bag include: athletic tape, band-aids, a nail clipper, ball mark coins, a divot tool, sunglasses, sunscreen, a small towel, extra shoe laces, and a granola bar or two. Now is a good time of year to check your inventory. Also, did you know that if you keep your glove in a zip lock bag, it will last longer?

OK, now on to your golf swing. Hopefully you know your swing faults, and this is the time to think about the couple of fixes to address or correct them. A couple of improvement areas that I like to focus on are: a slow backswing, proper alignment, and a complete follow-through. These three things may be the most important of all the fundamentals, as one of these being slightly off can alter your entire swing and subsequent results.

Make a trip to the back yard, take some swings and hit some pretend golf shots to begin to think about the “real thing.” Do the same with your putting, using your home carpet.

Lastly, do some stretching, or swing a heavy club to loosen up your golf muscles and add strength to your hands. I like to squeeze a wash cloth to add strength to my hands and wrists.

For those that want to be even more aggressive, Golf Channel now has fitness shows about yoga or stretching with a focus toward golf. It will likely help your game and keep you fit for the other things in your life. Good luck and have fun.

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