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Short Golf Tips

Balance: The golf swing consists of power and movement all happening on an un-even surface. Keep your knees bent and your weight about in the middle of your feet for good balance.

Swing Tempo: Good players swing at about 70% power. Can you say that about your golf swing. This concept will keep your balance in order, give you enough distance and allow for a consistent golf swing.

New Drivers: Do you have one of the new drivers that says 420 or 460 on the bottom? You need to tee the ball higher for these clubs to get the ball on the up swing. You need to launch the ball higher with these clubs.

Short Putts: For best success on short putts, keep the putter on line to the target. To check this, practice one-foot putts and you can literally have the putter go to the hole.

Pitch and Run: A good pitch and run shot required a solid hit. Pretend you are driving a tack into the ball.

Putting in Winter: Is there dew on the greens? Be sure to hit the putt firm and solid to get it to the hole.

Golf Grips: Keep your golf grips clean and fresh to have a better feel of the club.

Draw the ball: To hit a slight draw, swing easy and use light grip pressure.

Un-even lie: When hitting from an un-even lie, take enough club so you don’t swing too hard. You are off balance, don’t make it worse.

Long putts: Stand taller on long putts. This will give you a better view and let the arms swing more freely.

Putting thoughts: When putting, think more about the putt than your stroke.

Relax on the course: If you feel tight and nervous on the course, push your shoulders up to your ears, hold it there for a few seconds and then let them drop. This will help you relax to make a good golf swing.

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