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Practice to Improve

We all want to play better golf, but I feel many of you don't practice correctly to make the effective changes that are needed.

Because we are all creatures of habit, we do the same things often. In golf, I feel that is just hitting balls on the range then playing golf, and not really working to improve. As we go through these ideas, bear in mind what the percentages are that make up your golf score, about 20% tee shots, 40% iron or fairway shots, and the balance 40% or more, putting and chipping, so practice by those percentages.

Let me touch on a few key ideas and how these inspired our video that incorporates these ideas and more:

1) Identify the change you need to make.

This could be any variety of things, swing path, not using legs or swinging too fast. Work on these things on at a time. Under the concepts I use with my students to have them break through to the next level, this process of identifying your needs is very key and may need a teacher to help with this process.

2) Start slow.

Let's use swing path as an example. In your home or back yard hold the club lightly and extend your arms and club back along the hitting line. You'll now feel how this is different, so keep doing this in slow motion and incorporate in the extension to the target. Reach out to the target, maybe put a golf tee at each side, take-away and on the target line to have a target to swing toward.

3) Start swinging.

Now as the longer extension feels fairly normal start swinging to incorporate the feelings and flow to a tall follow-through.

Let's now take it from the chalk board to the playground.
Now your motion should feel different , but normal now. You are now able to go to the driving range with your changes in place. Go through a similar routine on the range, starting with small easy swings to feel the motion, then hit some shots to feel the changes while hitting balls.

I feel the key here is that once you get this on the golf course you can focus on hitting golf shots and not having to do a lot of thinking about your swing.

Many of my students improve quickly and I feel this is because of my ideas on how to practice. Most golfers must think too much about their swing changes and when this is done on the golf course, it ruins your round. Work on it away from the course and you''ll go great.

Golf is like life, to make changes you need discipline and concentration to make changes. Good luck and enjoy your improved golf game.

So as usual keep it simple, be a swinger and have some fun.

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