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The Golfers Pocket Glossary

“Golf is a simple game made too difficult by too many”
-- Abendroth ’92

Often golfers get confused by hearing ideas they do not comprehend, nor understand if they even apply to their game. These concepts come from The Golf Channel, friends, golf magazines and even golf instructors. Hopefully the ideas in this article are understandable, and most of all, useable.

Let’s review some of these abstract concepts. Is your swing connected? Does your club get stuck behind you? Do you have a one-plane swing or a two-plane swing? Do you come over the top? Do you ever re-route the club? How about having a cupped wrist, and oh yea, can you trap the ball?

To use the old cliché, don’t try these at home. Clear your mind of these technical concepts and worry about what really matters.

Keep it simple and concentrate on making good contact with the golf ball. Certainly there are a few key fundamentals that matter, but you likely don’t have 5 or 6 things wrong, much less to “think about.”

Get good, professional instruction to identify your key issues. Often we get ideas and “tips” from friends. Wow! Recently, I was at a social function and one friend began giving another friend golf tips. That person went overboard and gave our other friend about 25 ideas to think about.

A top golf instructor should keep tips to a minimum. A student need not be confused or overwhelmed with information. It is essential that he or she understands and practices the basic concepts and lessons that were taught. I think some of my best lessons have been very short ones. If you get on the wrong track in this game, it can take a while to get back on course. You can improve immediately, if you get the clear story about your swing or stroke.

My idea of solid contact starts with short shots. Use short shots and an easy swing to take things one step at a time. Once you get the solid contact figured out, watch the ball flight and you can then speak with knowledge to your instructor if there are issues.

You can also apply this to putting. You need to make a solid contact and keep the putter moving to the target. One simple and straightforward thought!

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