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Play like a pro, tune in your focus

To play better golf you must commit to the golf swing, and the golf shot you want to hit, each and every time.

I recall a story about Ben Hogan and his caddy that really defines the idea of focus and taking dead aim. The caddy said to aim at a grove of trees on the horizon…Hogan turned and said, “which tree?”

Thinking like this can zoom-in your focus and make you think more about the particular shot and not day dream about any number of “other things.” Good players call this “being in the moment.”

Relate this to your life, or your business. Every time the door opens, or the phone rings, it’s like a new shot. What’s my challenge, and how can I best handle this and succeed?

From the golf swing perspective, alignment and follow through are two keys to success. Your focus on a target should help your set-up for the best alignment for your shot. If you are confident of the line to the target it should help you follow-through, and hold a nice finish.

The part of the game that these ideas should really help in, is putting. Recently I played in a PGA club pro event and several of the putts I had were extremely hard to read. I was not convinced which way the putts would break, which resulted in some poor efforts. I may have been better off just picking a spot, and hitting it there. It’s a mental challenge to make these commitments.

So, confidence and being in the moment is what separates the pro game and amateur game. You can separate yourself from the pack by using some of these ideas.

If you have a regular course you play and have a hole that is hard to focus on the shot, try a different side of the tee, or pick out that one tree like Ben Hogan. Get into a mental capsule, and be in the moment. Your scorecard may well benefit.

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