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When you look down the line of good golfers on the driving range, then look down the line of the more average golfer, there is a small list of items that are very different.

You assume that ball flight and distance are different, but let’s dig deeper and try to help you get closer to the other line of golfers.

Weight Shift: Many average players will stay very flat footed through the shot and that will cause lack of distance and lack of good extension to the target. As you start the downswing, your body needs to move slightly to the forward foot toward the target, eventually having about 75% on the left foot in the follow through.

If you have Harvey Pennicks “Little Red Book” read page 96, “The magic move.”

Legs and Feet: The above weight shift starts in your feet. Imagine if you are throwing a ball, a little weight shifts into the back swing, then moves forward toward the target. All the good players do it. One key you need to understand here, the head will move just a bit and that is not a sway so let the head move a little bit.

Extension: If you fail to do weight shift or use your legs, it is highly difficult to have a good extension to the target.

The weight shift and extension are the predecessors to a good follow through and will lead to proper distance without hitting hard, you are now experiencing “effortless power.” And that is a good thing.

If you keep the club moving toward the target you will hit the ball straight, especially if you miss a shot. A light grip pressure is an important part of this equation.

Balance and Follow Through: If you have done the above items correctly you’ll end up in a nice follow through with the club behind your head and your tummy facing the target. Balance is important to get to this point.

Work on these steps with practice swings and some mental practice, imagining yourself doing this. Then start with short distance shots and then build up to more full distance shots. Pretty soon, you may be mistaken as a good player and you’ll have improved scores to show for it.

One disclaimer I want to add to this: You may do some of these items well now, and you may not want to try all of this at once. From a previous article, I mentioned that knowing your swing and your faults is important. If you know that, you will know how much of the above to work on. Keep it simple, put some time in and it will work for you.

I had a chat with a friend recently who mentioned they did not hit balls on the driving range. That is a time to warm up and see how your swing feels. If you are working on something new that is a time to further engrain the new thoughts.

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