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Keep your head down? Donít worry about it

I’ll bet when you play golf with your friends they offer tips, and often it may be many tips. My question to you is... how effective are they?

Early in my full-time teaching career I had a fortunate experience that taught me to have a quick, accurate eye. I did a number of large corporate golf clinics where I only had a few minutes with each guest expecting improvement. So I had to look quickly and do an assessment of the person’s swing.

Here's a funny story about one of those clinics. I had a line of about 20 people all day long waiting for golf lessons, but you could walk right up to the booth with the “Laker Girls” (the cheer leaders for the Los Angeles Lakers) with no line. You had to wait to see me…

When I hear common golfers give tips, it is usually “Keep your head down” as a solution for most poor golf shots. On the contrary, I feel keeping your head down too much and too long will restrict your follow-through and extension, which is bad. To let the club and your body rotate into a proper impact position and into the momentum of a good follow-through, you need to let your head free-up and face the target. Keep your head down…I don’t think so.

This concept is most important for those of us that are not as flexible or a bit bulky. For the 20-year old that is as nimble as a gymnast you could keep your head down longer, but it is not necessary. I like to say you should keep your eye on the ball, meaning that after impact you begin to start looking down the flight line for the ball, then stand tall with tummy to the target for a good follow-through.

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