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Improve Your Golf Game: Part 2

Understanding Issues in your Game and Swing

Now that you have identified issues in your swing and golf game, it is time to work on it and in doing so, it is key to understand those issues, and what you need to do to work on them.

When I teach, I am always asking the student if they are clear what we are working on, because if I just give an idle tip without the reasoning behind it, I do not think the student will learn it long term.

The biggest thing here to be concerned with, is that habits are hard to break, and change does not come easily, you've all heard that before, but I think it is really key in golf. Build your self a notebook of ideas that you are working on, and how they relate to a poorly hit golf shot. That way when your one or two bad shots pop up, you will know what caused it and how to fix it.

In your practice, use these like a trouble shooting guide, and especially after a layoff, go to this list, and address these issues before they become a problem. The more you work on these issues, the more it will become second nature for you to do those things right, and your swing will become more resistant to problems, and be much more consistent.

And, as in the first part of this series where we identified the issues, consult your golf teacher for a second set of eyes to know how your progress is going, and with some of the new video teaching aides out there now, you really stay on top of this stuff.

Good luck, let me know how your progress is, and in the next part of the series, we will give you more ideas on working on your issues and the ongoing maintenance of them.

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