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Improve Your Golf Game: Part I

How To Take a Lesson:

We all want to improve our golf game, and lessons seem to be a proven way to do that best. In a short series I want to give you some ideas on how to take a lesson properly. In this first article, let me cover some ideas geared at existing golfers.

In most cases, after several years of playing, golfers not only have habits that may be bad or slightly off, but their instincts are strong and that makes changes difficult.

Know your issues and faults:

With the help of an instructor, decide what issues and faults need adjustment. This is the best done if the instructor asks questions and the student is able to note what parts of the game game are not acceptable.

Here is where the instructor needs to be like a detective to ask the right question and the student needs to communicate well so both of you can help paint a picture of your golf game and swing. In your initial lesson you should expect to have a lot of discussion to help the instructor so he/she can better understand your needs as you move through the session.

In the next of our series, we will cover the idea of understanding your issues, know your fix and how to work on it.

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