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How Smart is Your Golf Game?

Good golf is attainable, and by using the theory that good or better is a relative thing, that makes the theory work, and I think we can finally make some head-way to improving a persons golf game.

What is acceptable to you is a key, as pressure to be better is a problem, because we create a large amount of stress that needs to be dealt with. At what ever level you are, I feel that gradual but true improvement is great and in other ideas I have written about, to pinpoint the reasons you are not better is a way you need to deal with improving.

There are two main areas you can improve, one is in the area of your physical swing mechanics such as alignment, stance, swing-plane, etc. The other area is the mental side of the game, and that is how "golf smart" you get.

"Golf Smart" is how well you plan, how well you execute and how small you allow your mistakes to be. This can be natural to some people who are observant and have good concentration, but can be a problem for those that can not keep focused and stay "in the game".

I played with Lee Trevino in the New Orleans in the mid 70’s when he was in his prime and noticed there appeared to be two personalities in Lee. Lee the showman would walk the fairway and joke with the players and caddies, be playful with the spectators on the tee, but when it was time to play, Lee the Lion came out. Trevino had an incredible ability to turn it on and turn it off many times during a round. This gave him the ability to only use his mental game when he needed and not waste that on the time walking the fairways.

This gave Lee the chance to be both the great golfer at the same time he was a great entertainer. If he tried to be either the entire 4 hours on the golf course, he would likely not be good at either.

You need to test your concentration and determine what your limits are.

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