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Hit it Better & Further

Two main things I hear from my golf students are: I want more distance and I want more consistency. I think there is one main area where this can happen.

This will be the first in a series of articles with the theme covering misconceptions in the golf swing and how it can send you in the wrong direction.

Misconception Number 1:

Don't move your head, keep your head still, don't look up. I feel people do not understand this, and it keeps them too tight and restrictive and does not allow a proper golf swing or distance.

If any of you have seen the Leslie Nielsen tapes "Play Bad Golf Better" this is the very start of the tape, and is quite funny, but it is a spoof on golf instruction and it talks about not moving the head, and it confirms to me that it is wrong.

So... feel like there is a slight sway or weight shift, and a key here is keep the knees bent and good balance and you will have weight shift in a controlled manner. As you swing with the club back and through, there will then be a good momentum of the club moving to the target that will allow the distance and the better quality of shot.

The idea of momentum in the golf swing is very key to allow you to keep going into a good follow-through. This is avoided when you try to attack or hit at the ball which I feel is incorrect.

Just briefly on the consistent shot idea, when you have the weight shift happening, the club will swing with more rhythm and that is how you get the more repetitive action of the club every time, like a Payne Stewart or Freddie Couples type swing.

So... Is it simple? Yes! Can you do it? Yes! Is it different? Yes, for most of you, but many have known this secret and have it act as a reminder.

Your game will be better, you'll hit it further. Have fun!

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