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How is your golf game when you are hurt?

Recently I played golf with an injury, and it reminds me of how much our golf swing relies on a healthy body to work correctly. So, I thought I would touch base on a couple of ideas that have helped me and perhaps will help you as well.

My injury resulted from hitting a golf shot in long rough, and it caused a sore area in the range of my left thumb to the pointing finger. It feels OK when I just swing the club, but making contact with the ball, or trying to let my wrists roll as they should, gives me a real shock of pain.

What I have done to work on this is to keep some ice with me on the golf course, and ice the injured area between shots. I will also use a very light grip to have a sensation that I’m almost letting go of the club to allow it to rotate and put more focus on the right hand. I have hit some pretty sick shots, but at least have been able to play a bit.

The other key is to use my body and legs a bit more. I let my body rotate into the hitting area to bring the arms and club into the hitting area. This is also a very good technique if you have a sore back. If you stay flat footed during the golf swing, you are putting more stress on your back, so learn to use your legs a bit more and you’ll get better results. To get a feel for the timing of using your legs more, practice making a slow back-swing, maybe a pause at the top, then start the down-swing with your legs and shift your weight toward the target. This is really the way the timing of the golf swing should work anyway.

Depending on your injury there are some aides you can consider. I have worn an ace-bandage on my wrist in the past, and a good friend of mine wears a back brace like the guys at Home Depot do. If it helps…try it.

The key ingredient to all of this is to swing easy when you are injured, or have a perpetual injury. Try to use one more club, and don’t expect a lot from the distance you will get. Prior to your round, do a good share of warm-up that may not include hitting range balls. When I played in a recent golf event, I did not hit balls to warm-up because I figured it would hurt, and I only had so-many swings in me. So I’m headed to the Doctor very soon to get my ailment properly diagnosed and treated. Some would say I should not have played with an injury as this might just make it worse, or because of the injury, making swing changes could affect my swing permanently. Who knows? It’s a personal decision whether you can or should play with an injury.

I hope some of these ideas will help you. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about your golf swing. I can be reached at john@hookedongolf.com.

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