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Friends? Can Be Helpful?

How often have you gotten a golf tip from a friend? How often has this tip really helped (and where do they teach golf anyway)? It is amazing to me how helpful people can be on the golf course, especially when many of these people have not conquered the game and, in fact, they are downright bad.

Let’s start with a few ideas that will help keep you on the right track, keep your game in shape, and hopefully retain your friendship. And remember, golf is more simple than most of you are making it.

1) Feel and look positive about your game. The less you fidget and experiment on the course, the less your friends will want to offer advise.

2) Have a good feel of your own swing and golf game and goals you are working toward. With this in place, you will be able to tell your friends that you have a good idea about your swing, are working on it, and would not want to confuse it with more ideas.

3) So it’s a close friend and a very good player, my suggestion is to hold it to one idea per round. I see often where these amateur teachers (and even some real teachers) will give too many ideas at once and that can be bad. Look to them for shot ideas like a good pitch and run technique and strategy on lay-up shots.

Now let’s try to give you a short list of the ideas you should check on within your own swing.

1) Grip pressure fairly light and position of grip.

2) Posture and balance at set-up. Slight bend in the knees, rear out a bit, feet about shoulder width.

3) Backswing to shoulder height, hinge the wrists, and takeaway should be slow.

4) Good reach to the target, let legs help a bit and good pose and balance in the end of the swing.

5) Smooth swing with good rhythm and tempo in mind will allow for a good shot, think of Freddie Couples or Davis Love and don’t try to overpower the game, keep it smooth.

So, the idea, play golf with your friends, don’t go out for a playing lesson, have some fun, and know how to handle the tips.

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