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Essentials for a Proper Golf Swing

The PGA-Tour is off to a fast start, we look forward to an exciting LPGA and PGA season but I’m thinking about my golf swing and yours.

We all have a swing that is unique to each of us, but there are a few essentials that we should strive for. Some instructors would want you to be perfect and change your entire swing. A key word here is 'instinct', and it is hard to change what you do naturally. So improve your imperfections.

Let’s start with the grip. Both thumbs should be close to the top-line of the shaft with a fairly slight grip pressure. For better feel I suggest your right hand holds the club mostly in the finger tips, not in the palm.

Good balance is a must in any proper swing. Good foot-work and a slight knee bend will allow your weight to move with the club, especially as you swing toward the target. Page one of the Ben Hogan book suggests you open your foot closest to the target with toe pointing more toward the target. Point the toe at about a 20 degree angle to allow your hips to rotate and allow for better extension and follow-through.

Momentum is the forgotten concept. The above ideas all help setup a good extension and follow-through. If you have a fair or even poor swing, it can be saved and upgraded by a good follow-through and extension. For this to happen, you need to trust and have a light grip pressure on the club. This will allow more of the club to do the work, and allow your body to follow the club and have the graceful follow-through that you see with Freddie Couples or Davis Love III.

Watch how high the hands finish on players like Vijay Singh and Freddie Couples. The club stays on line to the target for a long time. This will help hit the ball straight and long.

As you watch the tour events this winter, keep an eye on the balance and follow-through of the top players and learn from them. How about paying special attention when the A T & T is on TV from Pebble Beach and you can watch a professional, then the amateur partner. Oh…you’ll notice a difference.

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