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Have you thought about golf today?

Many people think I play golf everyday, and they would be wrong. However, I do think about golf everyday and I think about my golf swing everyday. I think you should too, and it will help your game.

It’s about that time for many golf courses to shut down for the winter, and unless you are lucky to be able to travel, or have a winter home in the sun-belt, you will not play as much golf as you would like until the spring rolls around. So, I have an idea for you.

Think about your golf swing everyday. If you have an idle moment or as you get ready to go to sleep, close your eyes and think about your golf swing. Can you visualize the errors you make? Think of how you would swing more correctly. This can likely help you.

There is an old story I have heard about a man that was in jail for about 15 years. He was not able to play golf there, but when he went in he was about an 85 shooter, and he thought about his golf swing everyday. When he got out, he shot something like 75. Pretty good story, and the same visual improvement might happen to you.

Think about the nice rhythm that you see in the swings of an Ernie Els, or a Lorena Ochoa, and imagine yourself doing that same thing. It will possibly work you into a habit of doing the same thing. Then go out to the yard with a golf club, maybe close your eyes before you swing, and then give it a try. With a layoff over the winter if you can think positive, and not replicate the bad moves that you have made for a few years, you could possibly get rid of a few of your poor habits.

It can’t all be Zen and mental, but think about some stretching and making a golf movement by just swinging your arms and making the leg movements of a golf swing. For sure, you will watch some golf during the winter, and try to learn from the short shots. Try some pitch and run swings in the house…..please watch out for that lamp.

Golf is a very mental game and I venture to say that if you can think about your golf swing and parts of it that need improvement, that you can improve your game without hitting a golf ball. Give it a try. Good luck on your mental golf outings, or if you have a chance to travel, send a postcard.

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