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Take Your Club for a Dance

Yes you read that correctly. I’ve heard of golfers sleeping with their putters, but how about the dance you should do with your driver?

Let me explain. I think rhythm and tempo is key to a good golf swing, and with some flow and a bit of a sway you should almost feel as if you are dancing with your golf club. Too many golfers try to stay very still over the ball and not move their head, but I think that is incorrect and can create a bigger problem in your golf swing.

If you get the club swinging like a pendulum it will be more predictable and give you very ample power and a very repeatable motion.

As I have suggested before -- and it will apply here -- there is the notion of working on a change with short clubs like a wedge. Well, guess what, I think you want the flowing or dancing motion to happen in those shots as well, so when you practice this, think about the club swinging and you moving with it.

That concept is very key. The club is the thing that is swinging and the body needs to move and flow to let the club do its thing. This concept is why the very good players have a nice looking flow. Think of Freddie Couples, Ernie Els, and Davis Love -- all of them have weight movement in their swing and that is why they look to me like they are doing the dance with their driver. It is similar to that fluid look that a baseball pitcher has. Remember Juan Marichal of the San Francisco Giants and that big, flowing motion that was very repeatable?

One of the most common flaws I see people encounter with their golf swing is they swing too fast, and too quick. With a fast swing it is the entire swing that is at too fast a pace. With a quick swing it is a sudden motion from usually the beginning of the swing or the beginning of the down swing that gets too jerky. This can really mess up the swing. So by using the ideas in this section to allow some weight movement I feel this will help eliminate some of the problems of speed and quickness in your swing.

Here is a key issue you should be aware of: If you have a single recurring type of golf shot that happens, it is likely a mechanical problem. If your problems are inconsistency with golf shots, then it is likely a rhythm, tempo or speed problem in your swing.

So to review this idea: Let’s get some body movement in your swing and not be too worried about the head staying perfectly still. Because the club is connected to your body, and the club is moving, there has to be movement. Feel like you are dancing with the club: get the foot work of a nice side to side dance, then with the balance of the swing you’ll have better rhythm and your swing and your shots will improve.

Good luck and keep swinging.

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