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Ten Tips to Better Driving

  1. Don't swing too hard: Driving the ball to me is like dribbling in basketball: Move it down the court, and then try to score.
  2. Light grip pressure: This is so key. It allows the natural rotation of the club and for better extension to the target.
  3. Proper swing path: Extend away from the ball, fairly straight -- this will allow for and begin a good extension to the target.
  4. Proper ball position: With the ball on the tee, be sure the ball is fairly forward in your stance. This is how you get the proper launch of the ball "on the up and outswing."
  5. Tee height: Have ball teed up fairly high, so you can sweep the ball off the tee. If you pop up the ball, you are hitting down and not sweeping up on the ball.
  6. Have a target, even in practice: Pick out spots on the range to have a target. Play your "back nine" at your golf course, and if there aren't many players around, hit extra tee shots on the hole that gives you trouble.
  7. When to lay-up? If you know the hole, know when to lay up or not. If the hole does not work well, or you are hitting to a small target, lay up to increase your percentages.
  8. Pick which side of the tee to use: On dogleg holes, or with hazards, it may be wise to use a side of the tee to allow the best angle for you to play from.
  9. Slice? If you slice, you may want to hit a 3-wood. It is shorter and easier to handle because of the loft, and will give you less of a slice.
  10. Swing the longer club slower, to hit it farther: Huh? Well, your driver is longer, and will take longer to swing the arc. So, you need to swing slower, and "wait" for the club. There should even be a pause at the top of the swing to allow this to happen. Many golfers try to swing the driver harder and faster, and it creates problems. Swing slow, and allow the length of the club to create the distance.

To score well, you need to drive the ball well.

The better players are better drivers -- follow these tips to get yourself in that class.

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