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Basic thoughts for better golf

From time-to-time, we all need to go back to basics to keep our golf games and golf swing in proper form. I feel I repeat myself some times, but that may be the point of golf instruction. We need constant reminders about the same things.

Recently, I played in a charity golf event and as usual, I just about saw it all. And I’ve seen a lot.

Let’s start with the too-tight grip guy. They cannot feel the club to control the swing, and their results are quite inconsistent. So…light grip pressure, a good waggle at setup, and let the club do the work. Try to have the club, arms and body work together. A good follow-through is the end product of this theory.

Now for the guy about 40-yards from the green, with the tight hands. This is still a golf shot and as discussed above, let the club swing and follow-through. Let the ball get in the way of the club. If you try to over-control the grip end of the club with the hands, you will often produce the dreaded chunk, top, or shank, or maybe any combination of the three. Not pretty.

Now for the guy swinging too hard. They forget to think by-the-way that nobody has ever driven this 420 yard hole before, so why are they trying to do it? Driving the ball requires a ballet of balance, body motion working with the club, and the light hands to get proper performance.

Tight grip, no follow-through and swinging too hard makes for a bad round of golf. As usual, practice this stuff on the range then try it by yourself on the golf course, you’ll improve.


On another subject, it’s a pretty odd end of the professional golf season, with top players skipping the playoffs, then going home. We then have about 5-events as guys secure their spots for 2008. That may be the best part of the year. These guys are good and they need the money.

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