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Align Your Golf Game

Golf is a unique game that is played easily by many, is a life long struggle for others but I have a couple of tips that may help straighten you out.

Much is discussed about the golf swing and its importance, but I would profess that stance and alignment may be more important.

You may have a very good golf swing but if your alignment is poor you will likely hit poor shots and make adjustments to your swing that will be bad for your swing in the long run.

The most common fault I see is for a right-handed golfer to be aligned too far right. Your instinct will make you swing to the target, which will have your swing over the top causing pulls and slices. The correction here is to actually have your feet and body alignment a bit to the left of the target so your ball flight line is at the target.

To have a good visual of this, your body alignment is one railroad track and the ball flight line is the other track on parallel lines in the intended direction.

The root issue to proper alignment is likely in your vision and the difficulty in aiming where you want to. Secondly, it is difficult for many of us to have a proper view of what we are doing compared to what we think we are doing.

This calls for one of three options for good golf swing maintenance:

  • Take a golf lesson occasionally to check out your issues and fundamentals.
  • Have a very good feel of your faults and use video for an update.
  • Lastly, if you have a knowledgeable golf friend, have them observe your alignment. This is the least preferred of the options, because of the potential wrong information from the friend.
  • So remember, even with a good golf swing, you may need help from time to time. Check your alignment and improve your game.

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