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Check-up time for your basics of golf.

From time to time we all need to go back to basics in our golf swing and for those stopping by here today Iíll offer a few ideas and reminders.

For many of us this is the end of the golf season but for many of you with options the season may be just beginning. If you are wrapping up the season it is likely good to think about your basics in the off-season.

At the top of my list is light grip pressure. This to me is so important as it allows the club-head to get maximum speed, allows for good direction to the target but most importantly the release of the club.

Release is the motion of the toe of the club rotating around the golf shaft which wipes out the slice and promotes straight or even draw shots. Keeping your grips clean and having proper size grips are helpful for this to happen.

How about a couple of reminders on alignment. If your alignment is poor you will possibly make adjustments in your swing that can cause problems.

Picture the flight of your ball as one line, and your feet and body should have a separate line that is left of the hole for right handed golfers. This vision can work from driver down to the putter. Check that your shoulders are on the same line as your feet and body.†

Last item today is balance. Knees slight bent with some weight to the balls of your feet, but not too much toward the toes or heels.

Balance becomes important because golf is not played on flat ground all the time. Keeping the knees bent will have them act like shock absorbers during your swing and give you a smoother ride.

One note on putting. If you are having problems with short putts, check your alignment, but start with very short putts, like one-footers and then move back to longer putts. Build your confidence in the short ones and it will help you on the course.

Recently I got a note from a woman who was offered her brotherís golf clubs. Getting your clubs fitted for the correct weight, length and golf shaft are critical. Spend a few more dollars and it will pay off over time. Drop me a note with your golf questions.

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