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Can you imagine a good golf swing?

If you are lucky, love golf and have the time your golf swing should stay in good condition. On the other hand, you may not be in that situation so you may have to think about it a bit differently.

Today we need to open the mind a bit, and be ready for a bit of the ZEN approach to golf. It won't hurt, I promise.

Think about your best golf swing or possibly a swing that you admire. Stand up, and try closing your eyes and see yourself go through that swing. Go very slowly so you can feel the critical points.

I hope you are still awake at this point as I'm not trying to put you to sleep or hypnotize you, but if you are in bed some night, try to swing in your mind in-lieu of counting sheep.

Ok, I know a few of you say I'm crazy, but you have not tried this yet.

Jack Nicklaus would visualize the ball going in the hole from 3-5 feet and would not putt till he saw it in his mind. This can also work well if you have a confusing pitch shot and you need to decide on the path the ball should take.

I'm convinced that mental practice and visualization of your swing and golf shots you intend to execute can be worth the effort. I have not played as much golf as usual this year, but by thinking about my swing between rounds I have been able to bring a decent game out when I have played.

So there is ZEN Golf-101, I hope you made it this far and just because I grew-up in San Francisco in the 60's does not make me to nutty, I just look at things a bit differently. If I have helped just a few of you each week get just a bit better, then I have done my job and I feel good about that. Like I tell my wife…"When you're happy…I'm happy."

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