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Does your golf swing change much?

The quality of your golf shots and golf game can have big ups and downs, but through all of this I don’t think the swing changes much.

When you consider the golf swing and how many things are going on in just a few seconds, it’s quite a unique undertaking. Imagine that just one or two small parts of this puzzle can go slightly wrong and make the entire swing behave incorrectly I consider the mechanics of the golf swing to be quite fragile.

Let me offer a few ideas that can help you identify issues that may effect your golf swing, and how you can become more effective and consistent with your golf game.

Ken Venturi once said, “Your swing does not change much, but look at things like posture, alignment, ball position and stance, if things go wrong.” The other areas that I feel are critical are rhythm and tempo.

Learn what the width of your stance should be. In my opinion, for the average shot, it should be about shoulder width. Go a bit wider for tee-shots, and a bit narrower for pitch shots or short wedges. My feeling is the ball should be fairly forward in your stance, around the front heel, and more forward for a full tee shot. With a shorter club you can move closer to center, but not too much.

For balance and mobility you want a slight knee bend, with about 60% of your weight toward the balls of your feet. This is similar to a “ready” position of a short-stop in baseball.

Alignment is crucial. Think of a line of the ball flight to your target. Now draw a line across your toes. This line should be parallel to the target and just to the left of target if you are right handed. Poor alignment can cause you to make adjustments in your swing that can produce bad results.

Lastly, rhythm and tempo are the glue that holds the swing together. Find a reasonable speed to swing that is something less than 100%. Look at Ernie Els and Freddie Couples. It appears to me that they are at about 80% power.

So, do a little check list on these fundamentals for your golf swing and you will be in a good position to be more consistent and make adjustments should things go wrong.

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