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Surgery Rehab Ideas...it's personal this time

Posted by: Cynthia E. Newman, Certified Personal Trainer

Friday, June 17, 2016 at 9:44 AM

Surgery rehab ideas…it’s personal this time.

By. Cynthia E. Newman, Certified Personal Trainer

Over the last year, I have recovered from total hip replacement and my business partner PGA Golf Professional John Abendroth has recovered from major shoulder surgery, his 8th surgery in less than 10 years. We thought we would share a few up’s and down’s that we have had and hopefully you can learn from them…fortunately for us…we have had more up’s.


I like to say “Listen to Your Trainer…” in this case I learned to Listen to your Doctor, Listen to your Physical Therapist and most importantly, Listen to your Body. Because the surgery for knees, shoulders and especially hips go so well, it appears that many people try to do too much too soon and that can create a major set-back.


We have seen a couple of people that started driving the car within about 10-days, abandoned their walker or cane in that same time frame, and it set them back many weeks. For our hip surgeries, it was suggested no driving for about 3-weeks and I can totally understand why that is important. Having to make a quick move for the brake in your car could create a major issue for your hip and not be a safe situation while driving.


Be diligent with your exercise. The Doctors and the hospital will provide therapists will provide ideas on proper exercises to improve the strength and stability of your surgical area and this is a very important investment of your time. For knees and hips the medical professionals do not want you to be in bed all of the time and it is healthy for your circulation and strength to get up and around on a limited basis.


Both John and my-self have gained great respect for Physical Therapists. Each person and surgery is unique and they are trained to know the proper approach to take to lead you on a path to recovery and get you back in action. Listen to your Therapist. They will give you a list of the prescribed exercises and in many cases a group of photos to have you better understand what you should be doing.


Once you are back in action, keep up the exercises this will create a continued increase in your strength in the area of your surgery and more mobility. Listen to your Body. As you continue with your exercise, do not overdue it.  By listening to your body, you should hear the warnings if you have done too much. As a personal trainer, I had one period of time when I had several client sessions in one day and was sore for a couple of days. I learned from that and had to rest up for a couple of days.


As a golf professional and instructor, John was told to wait about 6-8 weeks before hitting golf shots and only begin with short shots that paid off as John has come back very strong from both hip surgeries and shoulder surgery in 2015. One wrong move in something like golf or other athletic movements could be a set-back that would not be worth the risk.


So, Listen to your Doctor…Listen to your Therapist and Listen to your Body.


For more information on Cynthia E. Newman, Certified Personal Trainer, go to www.CynthiaFit4You.com

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