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My vote for Bubba Watson for leg two of The Grand Slam

Posted by: John K. Abendroth, PGA

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 7:42 AM

Bubba Watson could be a favorite to win at Olympic Club.

When I first thought about possible winners at The Olympic Club for the U. S. Open, I felt Bubba Watson would be in the list of no-chance players instead of the plodders who would have a chance...but I have changed my mind.

After seeing the golf course where I have played for 45-years get into U.S. Open shape, I feel that Bubba's ability to curve the ball could make him one of the favorites. With that in mind...it depends which Bubba shows up June 11. There are alot of dog leg fairways and small tilted greens and with Bubba's ability to curve the ball could give him the ability to find the fairways and greens.

The 5th hole is a perfect example. Long dog leg right with fairway tilting to the left where Bubba can hook a shot to find the fairway, then with the same ability, he can hook one into the banking green and find hole locations that will be tough to find. On #12 he will be able to fade a tee shot, hold the fairway, then hold a cut into the wind and find the small green.

It will be fun to watch Bubba, and it may depend on how active his caddy is to put the 3-iron in the bag, and if Bubba embraces the course and the experience.

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