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The Grumpy Golfer

Posted by: John K. Abendroth, PGA, aka...The Grumpy Golfer

Friday, November 11, 2011 at 10:18 AM

In honor of his passing, here are a few observations of golf...if Andy Rooney were a golfer.

Have you ever wondered why so many golfers do a poor job of raking bunkers or don't rake at all?

Like our Mother's said, "do so for others as you like done for you." Your enjoyment for golf would be better if you had a good lie in the 4-5 bunkers you hit into. The greens keepers did a nice job to start the day in most cases, but what a mess the players leave for you.

The two worst situations are when the player slams down the rake then pulls the rake. That leaves a deep spot from the rake. Golfers should be shown how to rake as part of a golf lesson...they will end up in a bunker.

On courses that use the sand-pro riding tractor in the bunker, the driver needs to do a little clean up when he pulls out of the bunker. At courses with budget issues, this guy is likely in a hurry and leaves a mess.

Golf is supposed to be fun and relaxing but with poor bunker care I get cranky by about the 3rd hole, especially if I have hit a bunker by then.

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