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An open letter to Tiger Woods

Posted by: John Abendroth

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 5:07 PM

Dear Tiger:

To paraphrase a quote by Ben Hogan, “Don’t make too many changes when in a slump, play your way out of it.”

In my opinion you have made too many changes to a swing that was naturally very good and served you very well for a long time. Instinct is very strong and to make radical changes to your instinctive swing appears to have been a mistake.

Now…about the wounded-knee.

A method I was taught had the knees flexed during most of the swing and only in the finish would the left knee straighten to allow a release and the high finish.

In your swing, you start in a slight flex, then bend the left knee more, then straighten early and abruptly. This changes the plane of your swing and the elevation of your head and shoulders. This can not be good for your knee issues or your golf swing. You do very little of this on short shots, but the longer the golf shot the more of this happens.

Your buddies like Davis Love III, Darren Clarke and Freddie Couples swing at 75% power and they have great results.

The solution:

Let’s get together and chat. I can help, I’ve played through raising kids, have had surgeries that effected my swing, taught a bunch of players your age and I’m pretty close to your Dad’s age. I have a good vision of where you have been and the route to success.

Park your golf ego at the bag drop area. Adopt a theory of swinging at 75-80% power, you’ll hit the ball plenty far and find the fairway more often. You are the last one that needs to swing hard, you have plenty of power.

Adopt the thought of quiet legs with flexed knees that you use in the short irons and use it through the entire bag, you’ll be more consistent. All of this is pretty simple and easy to adopt.

Lastly, let’s get you playing in more events. Nike will love it, you will see new parts of our great country and putting your new golf thoughts to work on the golf course will be much better than so much time spent on the range thinking about and tinkering with your golf swing and not playing the game you play so well.

So have your people call my people, wait…I am my people, we’ll make a great team.

John K. (Johnny) Abendroth, PGA

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