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Simple tips for Women golfers to improve

Posted by: Dee Moriarty

Monday, March 7, 2011 at 3:28 PM

It is sometimes a challenge for women , regardless of skill level , to give their best performance on the golf course. Many women get hung up on perfecting their golf swings. A good swing does not always make a good golf game and it is difficult to enjoy your golf when your trying to be perfect. Sometimes by letting go of your search of perfection and allowing yourself to have fun and enjoy the game you will surprise yourself at the end results.

Here are a few of my simple keys to help women enjoy golf to the fullest.

  • Work with a PGA golf professional to hone in on a few simple fundamentals.
  • A sound grip will allow you to make your most effective golf swing.
  • Good posture will promote a balanced athletic motion.
  • Swing like a athlete , with good acceleration and learn to hit the ball as far as you are able.
  • Getting into a fitness program is not only great for you general health , but will build your strength and endurance on the course.
  • Stronger will become longer when you play. A program of yoga or pilates can improve your strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Finally , enjoy the rhythm and flow of your game on the course. Visualize good results and most of all have fun.

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