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In support of Project Flogton

Posted by: Susan Fornoff

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 5:48 PM

A group of heavy hitters in the Silicon Valley has unveiled Project Flogton, the brainchild of the new Alternative Golf Association, with former Sun Microsystems chief Scott McNealy as commissioner. Flogton (“notgolf” spelled backward) is a new game that anyone with a golf swing can learn to play on existing golf courses without disrupting those who continue to play the traditional game.

The AGA will establish a brand that develops both rules and equipment with the help of its online community at www.flogton.com. It will uncuff inventors, engineers and scientists for the challenge of creating tools to take the average player to its goal of 25/100/200: “That’s 25 percent longer drives, 100 percent higher wedge spin and 200 percent more fun,” said founder Bob Zider.

The AGA has set aside current USGA conformance standards and seeks innovation on what might be possible, so any equipment on today’s market may be used for Flogton. For some, applying a lubricant or plastic shield on the face of the driver or fairway wood takes the spin out of the ball and makes it go straighter. Flogton players are welcome to try this and other tricks they may invent themselves.

A set of four games on the site outlines instructions that range from using a mulligan on every hole to taking a 6-foot bump to teeing up the ball on the fairway. The games provide a foundation for players joining in the project, but the development team emphasizes its grassroots approach.

“We want new ideas, feedback, inventions,” Zider said. “We aren’t tied to any existing rules and we don’t have to observe any current limits – everything is open to discussion, including our name and our logo, and especially the game formats and rules, and the equipment possibilities.”

Eventually, inventors and innovators will produce the kind of equipment for Flogton that performs rather than conforms. Project Flogton says, bring it on!

The spirit of the “new brand of golf for the rest of us” showed itself in smiles during an 18-player, nine-hole test outing on a recent weekday afternoon at Oakland’s Metropolitan Golf Links.

“The test confirmed my belief that many golfers are not only looking for an alternative to the traditional game, but are enthusiastic about sharing their ideas,” said Alternative Golf Association CEO Pat Gallagher, the former San Francisco Giants president. “When I saw the smiles on players’ faces, I knew we were on to something.”

Players, courses and equipment developers are encouraged to support the new endeavor by signing up at www.flogton.com and sharing feedback.

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